Source code for ctapipe.image.leakage

Leakage calculation

import numpy as np
from ..containers import LeakageContainer

__all__ = ["leakage_parameters"]

[docs]def leakage_parameters(geom, image, cleaning_mask): """ Calculating the leakage-values for a given image. Image must be cleaned for example with tailcuts_clean. Leakage describes how strong a shower is on the edge of a telescope. Parameters ---------- geom: ctapipe.instrument.CameraGeometry Camera geometry information image: array pixel values cleaning_mask: array, dtype=bool The pixel that survived cleaning, e.g. tailcuts_clean Returns ------- LeakageContainer """ border1 = geom.get_border_pixel_mask(1) border2 = geom.get_border_pixel_mask(2) mask1 = border1 & cleaning_mask mask2 = border2 & cleaning_mask leakage_pixel1 = np.count_nonzero(mask1) leakage_pixel2 = np.count_nonzero(mask2) leakage_intensity1 = np.sum(image[mask1]) leakage_intensity2 = np.sum(image[mask2]) size = np.sum(image[cleaning_mask]) return LeakageContainer( pixels_width_1=leakage_pixel1 / geom.n_pixels, pixels_width_2=leakage_pixel2 / geom.n_pixels, intensity_width_1=leakage_intensity1 / size, intensity_width_2=leakage_intensity2 / size, )