Source code for ctapipe.image.muon.ring_fitter

import numpy as np
from ctapipe.core import Component
from ctapipe.containers import MuonRingContainer
from .fitting import kundu_chaudhuri_circle_fit, taubin_circle_fit
import traitlets as traits

# the fit methods do not expose the same interface, so we
# force the same interface onto them, here.
# we also modify their names slightly, since the names are
# exposed to the user via the string traitlet `fit_method`

def kundu_chaudhuri(x, y, weights, mask):
    """kundu_chaudhuri_circle_fit with x, y, weights, mask interface"""
    return kundu_chaudhuri_circle_fit(x[mask], y[mask], weights[mask])

def taubin(x, y, weights, mask):
    """taubin_circle_fit with x, y, weights, mask interface"""
    return taubin_circle_fit(x, y, mask)

FIT_METHOD_BY_NAME = {m.__name__: m for m in [kundu_chaudhuri, taubin]}

__all__ = ["MuonRingFitter"]

[docs]class MuonRingFitter(Component): """Different ring fit algorithms for muon rings""" fit_method = traits.CaselessStrEnum( list(FIT_METHOD_BY_NAME.keys()), default_value=list(FIT_METHOD_BY_NAME.keys())[0], ).tag(config=True)
[docs] def __call__(self, x, y, img, mask): """allows any fit to be called in form of MuonRingFitter(fit_method = "name of the fit") """ fit_function = FIT_METHOD_BY_NAME[self.fit_method] radius, center_x, center_y = fit_function(x, y, img, mask) return MuonRingContainer( center_x=center_x, center_y=center_y, radius=radius, center_phi=np.arctan2(center_y, center_x), center_distance=np.sqrt(center_x ** 2 + center_y ** 2), )