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from enum import Enum, auto

[docs]class DataLevel(Enum): """Enum of the different Data Levels""" R0 = auto() # Raw data in camera or simulation format R1 = auto() # Raw data in common format, with preliminary calibration DL0 = auto() # raw archived data in common format, with optional zero suppression DL1 = auto() # processed data DL1_IMAGES = auto() # processed data up to camera images DL1_PARAMETERS = auto() # parameters derived from camera images DL2 = auto() # reconstructed data DL3 = auto() # reduced reconstructed data # the rest are not generated by ctapipe, but are listed here in case this # code is used elsewhere: DL4 = auto() # binned datasets DL5 = auto() # science datasets (fluxes) DL6 = auto() # derived science data (catalogs, etc.)