Source code for ctapipe.reco.shower_processor

High level processing of showers.
from ..containers import ArrayEventContainer
from ..core import Component, traits
from ..instrument import SubarrayDescription
from .reconstructor import Reconstructor

[docs]class ShowerProcessor(Component): """ Run the stereo event reconstruction on the input events. This is mainly needed, so that the type of reconstructor can be chosen via the configuration system. This processor can apply multiple `~ctapipe.reco.Reconstructor` subclasses to array events in the event loop. This currently includes geometry reconstruction via `~ctapipe.reco.HillasReconstructor` or `~ctapipe.reco.HillasIntersection` and machine learning based reconstruction of energy and particle type via the reconstructor classes in `~ctapipe.reco`. Events must already contain the required inputs. These are dl1 parameters for the geometry reconstruction and any feature used by the machine learning reconstructors, be it directly as model input or as input to the feature generation. This may include previously made dl2 predictions, in which case the order of ``reconstructor_types`` is important. """ reconstructor_types = traits.ComponentNameList( Reconstructor, default_value=["HillasReconstructor"], help=( "The stereo reconstructors to be used." " The reconstructors are applied in the order given," " which is important if e.g. the `~ctapipe.reco.ParticleClassifier`" " uses the output of the `~ctapipe.reco.EnergyRegressor` as input." ), ).tag(config=True) def __init__( self, subarray: SubarrayDescription, config=None, parent=None, **kwargs ): """ Parameters ---------- subarray : SubarrayDescription Description of the subarray. Provides information about the camera which are useful in calibration. Also required for configuring the TelescopeParameter traitlets. config : traitlets.loader.Config Configuration specified by config file or cmdline arguments. Used to set traitlet values. This is mutually exclusive with passing a ``parent``. parent : ctapipe.core.Component or ctapipe.core.Tool Parent of this component in the configuration hierarchy, this is mutually exclusive with passing ``config`` """ super().__init__(config=config, parent=parent, **kwargs) self.subarray = subarray self.reconstructors = [ Reconstructor.from_name( reco_type, subarray=self.subarray, parent=self, ) for reco_type in self.reconstructor_types ]
[docs] def __call__(self, event: ArrayEventContainer): """ Apply all configured stereo reconstructors to the given event. Parameters ---------- event : ctapipe.containers.ArrayEventContainer Top-level container for all event information. """ for reconstructor in self.reconstructors: reconstructor(event)