ctapipe.utils.get_bright_stars(pointing=None, radius=None, magnitude_cut=None)[source]

Returns an astropy table containing star positions above a given magnitude within a given radius around a position in the sky, using the Yale bright star catalog which needs to be present in the ctapipe-extra package. The included Yale bright star catalog contains all 9096 stars, excluding the Nova objects present in the original catalog from Hoffleit & Jaschek (1991),…..H, and is complete down to magnitude ~6.5, while the faintest included star has mag=7.96.

pointing: astropy Skycoord

pointing direction in the sky (if none is given, full sky is returned)

radius: astropy angular units

Radius of the sky region around pointing position. Default: full sky

magnitude_cut: float

Return only stars above a given magnitude. Default: None (all entries)

Astropy table:

List of all stars after cuts with names, catalog numbers, magnitudes, and coordinates