Change Log


  • Fix broken build (#743) @kosack

  • Add example script for a simple event writer (#746) @jjlk

  • Fix camera axis alignment in HillasReconstructor (#741) @mackaiver

  • Lst reader (#749) @FrancaCassol

  • replace deprecated astropy broadcast (#754) @mackaiver

  • A few more example notebooks (#757) @kosack

  • Add MC xmax info (#759) @mackaiver

  • Use Astropy Coordinate Transofmations For Reconstruction (#758) @mackaiver

  • Trigger pixel reader (#745) @thomasarmstrong

  • Change requested in #742: init Hillas skewness and kurtosis to NaN (#744) @STSpencer

  • Fix call to np.linalg.leastsq (#760) @kosack

  • Fix/muon bugs (#762) @kosack

  • Implement hillas features usen eigh (#748) @MaxNoe

  • Use HillasParametersContainer only (#763) @MaxNoe

  • Regression features in RegressorClassifierBase (#764) @vuillaut

  • Adding an example notebook no how to convert hex geometry to square and back (#767) @vuillaut

  • Wrong angle in ArrayDisplay. changed phi to psi. (#771) @thomasgas

  • Unstructured interpolator (#770) @ParsonsRD

  • Lst reader (#776) @FrancaCassol

  • Fixing core reconstruction (#777) @kpfrang

  • Leakage (#783) @MaxNoe

  • Revert “Fixing core reconstruction” (#789) @kosack

  • Fixing the toy image generator (#790) @MaxNoe

  • Fix bad builds by changing channel name (missing pyqt package) (#793) @kosack

  • Implement concentration image features (#791) @MaxNoe

  • updated main documentation page (#792) @kosack

  • Impact intersection (#778) @mackaiver

  • add test for sliced geometries for hillas calculation (#781) @mackaiver

  • Simple HESS adaptations (#794) @ParsonsRD

  • added a config file for github release-drafter plugin (#795) @kosack

  • Array plotting (#784) @thomasgas

  • Minor changes: mostly deprecationwarning fixes (#787) @mireianievas

  • Codacy code style improvements (#796) @dneise

  • Add unit to h_max in HillasReconstructor (#797) @jjlk

  • speed up unit tests that use test_event fixture (#798) @kosack

  • Update Timing Parameters (#799) @LukasNickel


This is an interim release, after some major refactoring, and before we add the automatic gain selection and refactored container classes. It’s not intended yet for production.

Some Major changes since last release:

  • new EventSource class hierarchy for reading event data, which now supports simulation and testbench data from multiple camera prototypes (notably CHEC, SST-1M, NectarCam)

  • new EventSeeker class for (inefficient) random event access.

  • a much improved Factory class

  • re-organized event data structure (still evolving) - all scripts not in ctapipe must be changed to work with the new data items that were re-named (a migration guide will be given in the 0.7 release)

  • better HDF5 table output, supporting merging multiple Containers into a single output table

  • improvements to Muon analysis, and the muon example script

  • improvements to the calibration classes

  • big improvements to the Instrument classes

  • lots of cleanups and bug fixes

  • much more…

v0.5.3 (unlreleased)

  • Major speed improvements to calibration code, particuarly

    NeighborPeakIntegrator (Jason Watson, #490), which now uses some compiled c-code for speed.

  • GeometryConverter now works for all cameras (Tino Michael, #)

  • Plotting improvements when overlays are used (Max Noe, #489)

  • Fixes to coordinate PlanarRepresentation (Max Noe, #506)

  • HDF5 output for charge resolution calculation (Jason Watons, #488)

  • Stastical errors added to sensitivity calculation (Tino Michel, #508)

  • Error estimator for direction and h_max fits in HillasReconstructor (Tino Michael, #509, #510)

v0.5.2 (2017-07-31)

  • improvements to core.Container (Max Noe)

  • TableWriter correctly handles units and metadata

  • ctapipe.instrument now has much more rich functionality (SubarrayDescription, TelescopeDescription, OpticsDescription classes added)

  • no more need to construct CameraGeometry manually, they are created in the hessio_event_source, all new code should use event.inst.subarray. The old inst.tel_pos, inst.optics_foclen, etc, will be phased out in the next point release (but still exist in this release) (K. Kosack)

  • ctapipe-dump-instrument script added

  • improvements to Regressor and Classifier code (Tino Michael)

  • provenance system includes actor roles

  • fixes to likelihood tests (Dan Parsons)

v0.5.1 (2016-07-20)

  • TQDM and iminuit are now accepted dependencies

  • Implementation of ImPACT reconstruction and TableInterpolator class (Dan Parsons)

  • improved handling of atmosphere profiles

  • Implementation of Muon detection and reconstruction algorithms (Alison Mitchell)

  • unified camera and telescope names

  • better dataset handling (ctapipe.utils.datasets), and now automatically find datasets and tables in ctapipe-extra or in any directory listed in the user-defined $CTAPIPE_SVC_PATH path.

  • TableWriter class (HDF5TableWriter) for writing out any core.Container to an HDF5 table via pytables (Karl Kosack)

  • Improvements to flow framework (Jean Jacquemier)

  • Travis CI now builds automatically for multiply python versions and uploads lates documentation

  • use for code quality

  • code for calculating sensitivity curves using event-weighting method (Tino Michael)