Toy model image generation

fake shower image generation for testing purposes

ctapipe.image.toymodel Module

Utilities to generate toymodel (fake) reconstruction inputs for testing purposes.


>>> from ctapipe.instrument import CameraGeometry
>>> geom = CameraGeometry.make_rectangular(20, 20)
>>> showermodel = Gaussian(
...    x=0.25 * u.m, y=0.0 * u.m,
...    length=0.1 * u.m, width=0.02 * u.m,
...    psi='40d'
... )
>>> image, signal, noise = showermodel.generate_image(geom, intensity=1000)
>>> print(image.shape)


obtain_time_image(x, y, centroid_x, …)

Create a pulse time image for a toymodel shower.


WaveformModel(reference_pulse, …)

Gaussian(x, y, length, width, psi)

SkewedGaussian(x, y, length, width, psi, …)

A shower image that has a skewness along the major axis.


Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of ctapipe.image.toymodel.WaveformModel, ctapipe.image.toymodel.Gaussian, ctapipe.image.toymodel.SkewedGaussian, ctapipe.image.toymodel.ImageModel