Maintainer info

This is a collection of some notes for maintainers.

How to update the online docs?

Building the ctapipe docs on readthedocs doesn’t work (see GH-1). So for now from time to time maintainers should build the docs locally and then upload them to Github pages.

First install ghp-import

pip install ghp-import

Then build the docs:

python build_docs --clean-docs

If there’s no warnings, you can publish the docs with this command

ghp-import -n -p -m 'Update gh-pages docs' docs/_build/html

which is equivalent to this make target so that you don’t have to remember it:

make doc-publish

Only ctapipe maintainers can do this, because you need write permission to the main repo.

How to make a release?

Making a ctapipe release is easy. Just follow these step-by-step instructions: